June 12, 2017

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June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

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June 12, 2017


I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit of a sucker for computer games

I remember I literally had to get dragged off my Gameboy when I was a kid, screaming and bawling like a maniac

I would say this somewhat carried on into my later life aswell and I would always find myself “escaping” life through these games

Getting lost in another world or dimension and not having to deal with life’s stresses

Sound familiar?

We as humans find LOT'S of great ways for doing this, but that’s for another day

Anyway my FAVOURITE games were always ones where I would go on quests and journeys

Where you were a single person and you had to progress, you had to grow and develop as you moved through your journey

I just loved that shit

And this is where the LESSON is for you

See I would always rush into these games and try and beat all the bad guys right from the start

I’d throw myself right into the mix

I’d go straight for the bossman without paying attention to it’s minions

There would be bullets flying at me from all angles, attack dogs, people flanking me that I didn’t even know were there...

However my character in the game was weak

He didn't have much of a SKILLSET or MINDSET...

He had no ammunition or armour 

So I would always get killed really fast and could never get onto the next stage where I knew all of the exciting and great things lay

I'd find myself getting to the same point in the game and just couldn't get past it

It would drive me insane and I would get angry and frustrated

Sometimes i'd get pissed off and stop for a few days/weeks

Again maybe this sounds familiar?

Maybe this relates to you when it comes to fitness and health

You are barraged with all this information, diets flying at you from all angles, fear and doubt creeping up behind you constantly to stop you in your tracks

That voice in your head telling you that “life’s too short, i’ll just go and eat crap”

This is REAL ^

IT WASN'T UNTIL I LEVELLED UP as a person/character

that I was able to finally defeat some of the bad guys in front of me and move forward and progress

See I needed to GROW and BECOME the character that could continue to move forward and advance to the next stage

I simply didn't have the capacity before…

I didn’t take the time to add strings to my bow. To nurture myself. To equip myself...

But you know what...

Once I did that... the FEAR of the next stage became my AMMUNITION

It excited me because I knew that these fearful situations would
make me stronger and level my character up EVEN MORE

In fact the harder the stage, the stronger I got

So let me ask you my friend..

What fear is holding you back right now?

What thought is stopping you from getting what you want out of life?

What is stopping you from taking action on the things you KNOW are important?

Hit me up on here

Coach “who hid my gameboy” Hamish

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