Coach Hamish has spent a number of years coaching in gyms in Edinburgh but fell head over heels for the Training For Warriors system. The uncompromising philosophy made sense to him, the coaching was world-class and the results were simply amazing! Being be able to influence people in such a positive way is something that he loves. When you talk with Coach Hamish you'll understand why he is so passionate about Training For Warriors and how it can literally change lives.

He has a way of getting people fired up and feeling good.  His knack for motivating people to do better than what they currently think as "normal" is what makes him one of the elite coaches in Edinburgh.  He understands that every person walking through the door is a potential life changing opportunity - and life changing opportunities require big responsibility.


Coach Rob is obsessed with personal development and growth. He has been in the health and fitness community for over 13 years and has coached people in places all over Edinburgh.  


He is an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable coach who is always looking to bring out the absolute best in people.


Since graduating from her own 8 Week Warrior Challenge back in November, Sarah hasn’t looked back and has absolutely fallen in love with the Training For Warriors System. This is where she discovered her desire and knack for helping to get the best out of people.  Sarah has since become a certified TFW Coach. 


Sarah’s positive attitude and approachability is her absolute superpower and she uses this to influence and lead the people around her.

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